Welcome to Rudolf A. Oetker ApS & Co KG

Active in tramp shipping since 1952, Rudolf A. Oetker (RAO) ranks among the leading German tramp shipping companies, operating bulk carriers, product tankers and container vessels on all the world’s oceans. In contrast to liner shipping, there are no fixed routes and sailing times in the demand-driven tramp sector. When and where a particular ship is loaded, and where it sails, depends on the customer, the cargo and, ultimately, the market.

In this constantly changing environment, RAO commands a sound knowledge of the market, expertise acquired over many years which enables it to provide the right ship in the right place and at the best possible time. Proving a genuine competitive advantage is the fact that RAO has built up a comprehensive network of selected brokers over the years and sources its tonnage without exception from renowned shipping companies.

And it is not only customers from across the globe that draw on RAO’s know-how. Hamburg Süd, too, makes use of the qualified and competent contacts for chartering container tonnage in pursuit of long-term capacity planning.